A New Honda Patent Regarding The Airbag System on Motorbikes, Is It Safer? – For more than 20 years, the airbag system has been the standard safety equipment in cars. But now this technology will also be applied to motorbikes, Honda came up with this idea by attaching it to the back of the tank.

Motorcycle Airbag Patent Illustration

A patent illustration submitted by the Japanese manufacturer shows where the airbag will be installed. If you look at it, the system is not much different from a car airbag which is hidden under the body.

The function of airbags in cars is to reduce the risk of injury to the driver and front passenger in the event of an accident, but this system will work properly if you are wearing a seatbelt. Meanwhile, are the airbags installed on motorbikes effective or not? Remembering that in more than 90 percent of motorbike accidents, the rider will fall and be separated from the motorbike.

Airbag System on Honda Motorcycles (

Honda’s New Idea

With this, Honda revealed that this airbag will be installed behind the tank and also cover the rider when it inflates. The outer part reaches the bottom of the hand and of course covers the chest, so it looks like it is circling the body. Unlike car airbags which immediately deflate, those on motorbikes will continue to inflate when released from the motorbike.

But this is still a patent drawing and will be further developed and designed to be simpler and easier to install. The working system must also continue to function even if the motorbike has not had an accident for years. Honda aims to reduce the risk of motorbike accidents, no one knows when this technology will be installed on motorbikes

Airbag System on Honda Motorcycles (

Previously, Honda had also installed an airbag system, but specifically for the old 2007 Gold Wing motorbike. This was less effective because it could not be installed on other motorbikes, specifically for that model only. So, let’s just wait for Honda‘s future developments regarding this safety system.

Daffa Raihanza Fauzan

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