Cub House Officially Releases Honda Monkey Star Wars Limited Edition, Only 300 Units Available! – Cub House Thailand is back with the launch of the Honda Monkey Star Wars Limited Edition which is inspired by the space epic film. This motorbike, which collaborates with The Walt Disney Thailand, is offered in 2 variants with the “Choose Your Side” concept, namely Jedi (Light Side) and Sith (Dark Side).

Sold Only 300 Units

Only 150 of each variant will be produced in this limited edition Monkey, so a total of 300 units are priced at 169,900 baht or around IDR 74.2 million. Buyers of this motorbike will also get a premium box set for Star Wars fans.

Inside is a Monkey Star Wars edition leather jacket, a lightsaber that lights up and a special key chain with a serial number according to which variant they choose.

Honda Monkey Star Wars Limited Edition (

Honda Monkey Star Wars Limited Edition Light Side (Jedi)

The Light Side variant comes with a white and blue color scheme with silver carbon fiber and is decorated with spaceship themed graphics. Don’t miss the Star Wars logo on the side and the blue Lid Emblem on the tank lid, the Monkey sticker on the left body panel which can light up at night. On the tank, the bottom is colored white with silver carbon fiber on top.

Silver carbon air filter cover, combined with X-Wing stickers and R2-D2 characters from Light Side. The blue accents continue to the handgrip, rim list and carbon left side of the body.

Honda Monkey Star Wars Limited Edition Details (

Honda Monkey Star Wars Limited Edition Dark Side (Sith)

Meanwhile, the Dark Side variant appears more intimidating with a Death Star sticker and Darth Vader character on the carbon air filter cover. The tank is black with a galaxy star pattern. This variant is decorated with red accents, such as on the handgrip, rim list, carbon left side body and tank lid lid emblem.

This Star Wars edition of the Honda Monkey will be very suitable for big fans of the film, or even for collectors who want to add to their motorbike collection in their garage. The Honda Monkey Star Wars Limited Edition will be present at the Motor Show exhibition starting March 27 2024, and the special serial numbers 004 and 066 will be auctioned on March 30 2024 at Impact Muang Thong Thani.

Daffa Raihanza Fauzan

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