Only 300 Units, Cub House Releases Honda Monkey King Special Custom Edition – Cub House Thailand has just launched the Honda Monkey King Special Custom Edition which has an attractive appearance. This special edition appears with a luxurious and elegant concept which has a glossy black color, decorated with gold accents in several parts.

Special Custom Edition

This motorbike with small dimensions was custom made by Cub House in Thailand, which also sells a number of customized Honda motorbikes. Apart from the black and gold colors, there is a round Monkey King logo emblem on the tank and also next to it is the words “Monkey Edition” in a classic font style.

Honda Monkey King Special Custom Edition Details

There is also a serial number written on it because this tiny motorbike is also a limited edition with card suit decoration, continuing down to the swingarm which is also decorated with the same thing. On the side of the body there is also the writing “Z 125 Monkey” in gold with a crown above the letter Z and the black rims have gold markings too.

Sold Limited to Only 300 Units

Cub House only sells 300 units and unfortunately the Honda Monkey King Special Custom Edition looks like it will only be sold in Thailand. Maybe this special edition can be an inspiration for modifiers outside Thailand, because the Honda Monkey itself can be easily customized to your liking and there are quite a lot of spare parts and aftermarket parts for this motorbike.

Honda Monkey King Special Custom Edition Helmet

Regarding the price, this special edition motorbike is sold in Thailand for 112,900 baht or around IDR 49.3 million. For comparison, the Honda Monkey marketed in Indonesia is sold for IDR 82.9 million.

Daffa Raihanza Fauzan

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