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TAILG Jidi Powered by Kofa : Electric Motorcycle Built Specifically for Mobility in Africa

DRF.com – Innovation in electric motorbikes is now increasingly developing in many countries, because of their practicality, environmental friendliness and easy maintenance. One of them is a manufacturer from Ghana, namely Kofa, which is collaborating with the Chinese electric motorbike manufacturer TAILG which released the TAILG Jidi Powered by Kofa.

Specially Designed

By carrying the tagline “Designed in Ghana. Built for Africa” which means it has good performance and mileage, and has reliable durability. This electric motorbike was built to be ready to face the extreme climate in Africa.

Because the name is “Powered by Kofa”, TAILG Jidi is equipped with a battery from Kore2 Kofa which can cover a distance of up to 100 km. The battery can also be exchanged easily at the manufacturer’s Swap & Go Station, which takes just 30 seconds.

TAILG Jidi Powered by Kofa Colors

Electric Motor Performance

The molis is powered by a 72V dynamo motor mounted in the center, with the motor being able to speed up to 85 Km/h. With the performance figures on paper, it has performance equivalent to a motorbike with a 125cc engine.

TAILG Jidi also has a choice of riding modes that can be adjusted by the rider so that the performance of this electric motorbike is more optimal on the terrain it is traversing. Kofa said that the costs are reduced by up to 30 percent compared to conventional petrol motorbikes, and at the same time reduce carbon emissions.

TAILG Jidi Powered by Kofa Details

Talking about the design, Jidi appears with a futuristic body that doesn’t have many curves so it looks sturdy too. The exposed frame is visible below, with standard telescopic suspension legs and a pair of suspensions at the rear and the wheels are wrapped in dual-purpose tires.

Features and Price

Jidi has a long seat model, which can practically accommodate people and can carry luggage comfortably. There are also other features such as a USB charger port, full LED lighting, CBS (Combi Brake System) braking.

These electric motorbikes are designed for easy maintenance and long life, as mobility in Africa requires. Unfortunately, until now Kofa has not revealed the price of TAILG Jidi. But the manufacturer said that they claim the price will be up to 30 percent more economical compared to conventional motorbikes.

Daffa Raihanza Fauzan

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