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High-Class Electric Motorbike, Gogoro Pulse Launched with Advanced Features and Technology – The electric motorbike market is now increasingly busy, one of which is a manufacturer from Taiwan, namely Gogoro, which has released a new electric motorbike. They have called the motorbike the Pulse, which will be present in the high-end or flagship electric scooter market, which comes with various features and sophisticated modern technology.

The design of this electric motorbike tends to be sporty, combined with modern touches such as the Active-Matrix Lighting System headlights with 13 LED lights. These lights can adjust to the contour of the road being traversed for maximum illumination, but still do not dazzle the eyes of the opposite direction because of the light system.

Perlampuan Gogoro Pulse

Gogoro Pulse lighting

They call it “Aeroforce” or an aerodynamic and efficient appearance. Not only is the design sporty, the innards of this motorbike are also quite powerful. Gogoro Pulse is equipped with a Hyper Drive dynamo which can produce 12.2 HP of power and 378 Nm of torque, and it is claimed that this electric motorbike can go from 0-50 km/h in just 3.05 seconds.

Panel Instrumen Gogoro Pulse

Gogoro Pulse Instrument Panel

There is also another interesting thing, namely the Smart Cockpit with a 10.25 inch touch screen. The size is quite large for the size of the scooter. This screen can also be integrated with Apple Wallet and Apple Find My, which makes it easier for users to connect their Apple gadgets.

It is reported that Gogoro will only market Pulse around April-June 2024 and that is in Taiwan. Meanwhile, the global market is expected to arrive at the end of 2024 or early 2025.

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