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Comparing Specifications of Yamaha LEXi LX 155 Versus Honda Vario 160, Which One is Superior? – After the Yamaha LEXi LX 155 was officially launched yesterday in Jakarta and Surabaya, now PT. RSSM (Roda Sakti Surya Megah), which is the main dealer for Yamaha Malang, also presents the MAXi scooter to the people of Malang.

It is very likely that this scooter will compete with the Honda Vario 160 which has recently received an update. Therefore, I will review the engine specifications and features that complement the two motorbikes and which one is superior?

Acara Press Conference Yamaha LEXi LX 155 di Malang

In terms of engine, the Yamaha LEXi LX 155 is equipped with a 155.09cc, 4-valve, liquid-cooled 1-cylinder engine with a power output of 15.1 hp at 8,000 rpm and 14.2 Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm. The bore & stroke sizes are 58mm & 58.7mm with a compression ratio of 11.6:1.

Meanwhile, the Honda Vario 160 is powered by a 156.9cc, 4 valve, liquid-cooled 1-cylinder engine which produces 15.1 HP of power at 8,500 rpm and 13.8 Nm of torque at 7,000 rpm. Bore & stroke sizes at 60mm & 55.5mm with a compression ratio of 12:1.

Warna Baru Honda Vario 160

Which is Superior?

After briefly looking at the engine data above, the Vario 160’s engine capacity is indeed larger, although it is only slightly different. What’s interesting is that the power produced is exactly the same, but on the LEXi LX 155 it can be achieved at lower rpm. And in terms of torque, the LEXi is superior by around 0.4 Nm and is achieved at lower rpm too.

Regarding piston size, the Vario 160 has a larger size at 60mm with a stroke of 55.5mm and the LEXi LX 155 measures 58mm with a longer stroke at 58.7mm. And the Vario 160 engine compression is higher at 12:1 compared to the LEXi LX 155 which has compression of 11.6:1.

Yamaha LEXi LX 155


Turning to the features section, both are equipped with a full-digital instrument panel, ABS braking system (for ABS type) and a flat deck. The difference is in the lighting sector, the Honda Vario 160 is superior because it is full LED up to the turn signal lights, while the Yamaha LEXi LX 155’s turn signal lights and number plate lights still use ordinary bulbs.

There is a drawer at the front complete with a USB type-A port for charging on the Vario 160, while the LEXi LX 155 is also available but it is still an electric power socket which requires adding another adapter. The trunk capacity of the Vario is 18 liters and the LEXi is 12.8 liters. The fuel tank capacity of the Vario 160 is larger at 5.5 liters and the LEXi LX 155 is 4.2 liters. However, LEXi is superior in connectivity to cellphones via the Y-Connect application and Vario cannot connect to cellphones.

Warna Baru Honda Vario160

Regarding price, there are 3 types of Yamaha LEXi LX 155 with a price tag of IDR 27.6 million (for the lowest type), IDR 29.4 million (for type S) and IDR 32.6 million (for Connected ABS type). Meanwhile, the Honda Vario 160 is available in 2 types at a price of IDR 28.2 million (for the CBS type) and IDR 31.2 million (for the ABS type).

*prices listed are OTR Malang City

Daffa Raihanza Fauzan

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